Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wine & Spirits Magazine Names Domdechant Werner to its Top Wineries of 2016!

Great press for the Rheingau winery, with its superb single-vineyard Rieslings and the wines will be featured at their annual event in San Francisco!

Located in Hochheim, with its gently rolling slopes, Domdechant Werner produces the slightly richer Rieslings this area is known for. They own property in three single vineyard sites, all capable of producing Erstes Gewächs wines (known as Grosses Gewächs in other regions in Germany), the German equivalent of Burgundy’s Grand Cru. Kirchenstück grows the more elegant wines, while Hölle and Domdechaney yield more generous examples. #Top100event #Top100Winery #WineandSpiritsMagazine #Top100

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