Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Samuel Billaud Scores Big in Burghound!

Samuel Billaud receives outstanding reviews from Burghound's Allen Meadows!  

Samuel Billaud comes from a long line of Chablis winemakers and was in fact in charge of production at famed estate Billaud-Simon for over 20 years. After he decided he wanted to take a different direction with his own Domaine, Billaud was able to take advantage of his deep roots in Chablis and has sourced grapes from some of the finest, most well-established growers in both premier and grand cru terroirs. The resulting range, from AC to Grand Cru, are layered wines rife with crunchy oyster shell and silex, and exhibit a range of flavor profiles from licorice to white peach to toasty baguette. This is top quality Chablis from a rising star producer.

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