Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wine of the Week - 2014 Potek Riesling "Kick on Ranch"

This week we have Potek Winery's 90pt Riesling "Kick on Ranch", an outstanding example of Santa Barbara's single-vineyard wines. A recent review from Vinous hails it as "one of the most distinctive wines in Dave Potter's range." 

David Potter is one of the new guard making a name for himself in Santa Barbara. After honing his craft as assistant winemaker at Fess Parker for several years, and currently serving as Director of Winemaking Operations, Potter went on to launch his first brand, Municipal Winemakers, in 2007 with the goal to make high-quality wines at entry-level prices. In the fall of 2015, wanting to create more focused, single-vineyard wines, Potter opened Potek Winery, with a commitment to produce the best possible wines from Santa Barbara’s most exciting vineyards. The winemaking is rooted in traditional techniques with a reverence for site and a search for balance; using a minimalist approach to winemaking. The wines are mainly aged in neutral oak and are treated as naturally as possible, with no fining or filtration before bottling. The resulting wines speak of their locations throughout Santa Barbara, and are a beautiful survey of the area.

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