Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wine of the Week - Vadio Tinto

This week's featured wine is Vadio's red made from the local, indigenous grape Baga.

Located just 15 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and 100 kilometers south of Porto, the village of Poutena in Portugal’s Bairrada region is home to the Vadio Project, a small organic winery run by Luis PatrĂ£o, his Brazilian girlfriend Eduarda, and his father Dinis. Their mission is the resurrection of the region’s traditional grape varieties, Bical, Cercial, and Baga. Though viticulture has existed in this region since the Moor withdrawal in the 10th Bairrada is not a well-known wine region. The Vadio Project is striving to change the perception of Bairrada and show that it can produce world-class wine. They also balance the seriousness of their intentions with a good sense of fun: Vadio means ‘bon-vivant bum,’ and Luis believes the wines should be consumed in the spirit of pleasure and lively good cheer.

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