Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wine of the Week - Francoise André Chorey-les-Beaune Rouge "Tue-Boeuf"

Burgundy producer Francoise André exemplifies David Shiverick's philosophy on wine, that it should tell of its origin and for there to be an expression of terroir. Françoise and Michel André have focused their efforts over the past three decades producing wines that show just that. When it comes to winemaking, the winemakers work very hard to do as little as possible; after a rigorous sorting they step back and allow the wines to make themselves, believing that this is the best way to preserve the identity of each terroir.

This week's featured wine, the Chorey-les-Beaune Rouge "Tue-Boeuf", is harvested manually, with 85-90% of the grapes destemmed. This elegant Pinot Noir would be an excellent accompaniment for rabbit with prunes, barbeque, or braised pork shank.

Burgundians Françoise and Michel André founded Domaine Françoise André in 1983. Their passion for the land and wines of Burgundy led them to eschew the use of any additives in the vineyard and winery. By the mid-90s, they had transitioned to biodynamic farming and firmly established a reputation for producing fine wines of elegance rather than power and or weight. After twenty-five years of hard work, Françoise and Michel had realized their dream of producing wines that reflect a care of land, people, and place, or as Françoise would say, “we are now very happy to drink our own wines.”

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