Monday, March 27, 2017

William Kelley on the Wines of Jean-Charles Fagot

  Jean-Charles Fagot, one of our newest Burgundy producers, has recently been recognized not only for his outstanding wines, but as one of the pioneers within the Côte d’Or producing great wine at affordable prices. William Kelley, correspondent for Decanter and writer for Noble Rot Magazine among others, discusses the problem many restaurants have encountered as both the demand and cost for great Burgundy have continued to rise. A restaurateur himself, Fagot has sought to produce wines that provide an answer to this dilemma, while still remaining true to the prestigious appellation. In particular, Kelley applauds the 2015 vintage, noting that Fagot's "ambition has been fully realized".   

Link to William Kelley's article: "A tasting with Jean-Charles Fagot"  

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