Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Richter's 2015 Vintage receives outstanding reviews from Wine Advocate

Wine Advocate has just published an extensive review on Max Ferd. Richter's 2015 vintage, praising the most current release as a "great vintage for Mosel classics"! 

Notably, Reinhardt discusses the vintage as a whole, stating that "the 2015 vintage marks a great, great success for Constantin Richter. Especially fans of lighter Rieslings—medium-dry or medium-sweet Kabinett, sweet Sp├Ątlese and Auslese—get their money's worth: For more-than-reasonable prices, they can buy world class Mosel classics from old, ungrafted vines that belong to the very best the exceptional 2015 vintage has to offer in these categories."

See full review here


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