Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wine of the Week: Assolati Sangiovese

This week's featured wine is from the southern Tuscan Region of Maremma, located in the mountainous area of Montecucco. While this wine is comprised of 95% Sangiovese it also has 5% Colorino and Ciliegiolo; native varietals from the region. The Assolati Sangiovese has light fruit notes such as strawberry and cherry are balanced by fine tannins and depth. This is the ideal Sangiovese for a florentine steak or any manner of Italian dishes with richer flavors.     

In the southern part of the Maremma, a large region in Tuscany, lies the mountainous DOC of Montecucco, which is known for its volcanic soils that contribute to the local wines’ depth and minerality. The Giannetti family has been running Assolati for several generations and is well-versed in the traditions of Montecucco. The current generation, Silvia and Luca, were raised on the farm and Luca was educated at the University of Florence. They have introduced organic practices, ushering in a new era of modernity while maintaining their family’s traditions and producing luscious Sangiovese-based wines, true to Montecucco and Tuscany.


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