Thursday, June 1, 2017

Montecucco - Sangiovese In A New Light

David Ransom's article for The Somm Journal takes a closer look at the lesser known Italian regions that are tackling the prominent Tuscan varietal. Receiving DOCG Status in 2011, Montecucco along with the neighboring region of Morellino, have become pioneers for the new emerging ways Sangiovese is being bottled. Located in close proximity to Montalcino, home to Brunello, wines made here "are every bit as good, and age-worthy" Ransom writes. Wine makers in Montecucco, including our own Assolati, are producing wines that are ripe with softer tannins making them accessible earlier; even with their slightly fuller body when compared to wines from Morellino. Luckily, these wines are becoming more available in the United States as consumers seek out new and exciting producers and regions to try.


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