Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Wine of the Week - Sequerciani Vermentino

Maremma is a beautiful coastal region off of the western side of central Italy. Although it's officially apart of Tuscany, the unique mountainous landscape and proximity to secluded beaches makes Maremma a region unlike any other. These contrasting geological features make up the highly distinctive terroir which produces exquisite Vermentino. Both the Maremma coast and it's local hills with their rich metal deposits, contribute to the wine's fresh minerality and distinctive richness. Sequerciani chooses to age the late maturing Vermentino in terracotta amphora, steel, and neutral barrel; truly capturing the terroir expression of this white varietal. The Sequerciani Vermentino has a golden yellow color, with a fresh, intense and fruity bouquet. It's dry, with a warm and aromatic flavor. 

Founded in 1992 by filmmaker Reudi Gerber, Sequerciani began as eight neglected hectares in Maremma. Gerber decided to revitalize the property, converting it to organic agriculture and progressing on to receive Demeter biodynamic certification. Situated on rolling, panoramic hills 200 meters above sea level and only 25 minutes from the sea Sequerciani is now a 50 hectare “azienda” – a working farm that produces wine, olive oil, and other biodynamic agriculture products. The fertile soil and gentle sea breezes provide an ideal growing situation for the traditional and indigenous grapes of the region. In the vineyard, Sequerciani follows the normal biodynamic procedure, with natural fertilizers, biodynamic treatments (horn silica and horn manure) and manual harvest in small boxes.


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