Thursday, September 7, 2017

Recipe Thursdays: Fried Chicken and Domaine de Quatres Routes Muscadet

We’re going out on a limb this week and changing up the quintessential food pairing – Muscadet and oysters. We love the elegant combination, but sometimes you feel like rolling up your sleeves and indulging in some down-home comfort food, like deliciously crispy fried chicken. The good news is, paired with Muscadet, eating fried chicken can actually feel like a sophisticated occasion, and more importantly, it’s a fantastic pairing that will make your taste buds sing.  

Photo: Oxmoor House c/o Southern Living 

We’ll first start with the fried chicken recipe. There are a multitude of recipes to choose from, and maybe you have your own tried and true method, but this classic from Southern Living is so simple and just about as good as it gets. Once your chicken is deep fried to golden goodness, try chasing your first bite with a sip of a Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie from Domaine des Quatres Routes. The ingenuity of this pairing lies in the wine’s bracing acidity, which cuts right through the richness of the fried food. Your palate will stay so refreshed, you'll want to take another bite -- and then another sip -- and so on.

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