Thursday, September 14, 2017

Recipe Thursdays: Westeros Edition - Leg of Lamb and Lacapelle Cabanac Cahors "Tradition"

Black pepper and spice. Pomegranate and black cherry. Leathery and gamey with a bit of smoke. Don’t these words start to summon up a hearty feast fit for Game of Thrones? These descriptors can all be attributed to Cahors, the deeply colored malbec from France known as "black wine.”

This week we’re pairing Lacapelle Cabanac Cahors “Tradition” with a meaty leg of lamb, courtesy of Epicurious. “Black wine” and leg of lamb? Guaranteed that’s been on the menu a few times at Castle Black.

PHOTO: ANDREW PURCELL c/o epicurious

With its good acidity and firm tannin, Cahors is a natural fit with grilled red meats and rustic stews. If you can spare it, use ¼ cup of the Cahors you’re drinking to deglaze the sauce at the end of the recipe – it’ll bring out a whole new level of complexity in the pairing.

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