Thursday, November 30, 2017

Recipe Thursday: Cook With Your Wine, and Drink It, Too

Show of hands: How many times have you opted for a recipe that calls for wine so you can happily pour yourself a glass while you cook? Not only does “cooking with wine” give you an excuse to drink it on the spot, it also offers a rich layer of flavor to the food. Wine adds acidity, which instantly brightens and extracts flavors in the dish.

Photo: Jim Franco c/o Food & Wine

A fantastic recipe that features one of our favorite wine varietals is Coq au Riesling, like this one from Food & Wine. Deeply savory and enriched with cream and spices, this recipe calls for a good quality dry Riesling. The minerality, crisp acidity and vibrant fruit notes of Schmitt's dry Riesling make it a great one to incorporate into this classic recipe.

Remember: Always cook with a wine you would drink yourself. So, make this dish, and pour yourself a glass!

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