Thursday, November 2, 2017

Recipe Thursdays: Cavatelli with Spicy Winter Squash and Whitcraft's Santa Barbara Pinot Noir

Move over lattes and pies, pumpkins are just as yummy in savory dishes. Pumpkins are part of the winter squash family, which can be true crowd pleasers in savory soups, casseroles, risotto and lasagna. Or, try them in a delicious vegetarian pasta, like Mario Batali's Cavatelli with Spicy Winter Squash from Food & Wine. “This pasta," Batali says, "always propels me into fall."

Photo: © Quentin Bacon / Food & Wine

When it comes to pairing wine with pumpkin dishes, light reds like Pinot Noir are an excellent companion. We love Whitcraft’s Santa Barbara Pinot Noir with the Cavatelli – the savory, earthy pumpkin flavors of the dish bring out the wooded elements in the Pinot. A delightful combination as we propel into fall.  

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