Thursday, November 9, 2017

Recipe Thursdays: Creole-Style Red Jambalaya with Lou Dumont Passe-tout-Grains

Riesling and tacos. Indian food and rosé. Champagne and fried chicken. Sometimes the most surprising and unusual pairings are the best kind. This week we’re craving another unconventional wine and food combination that may surprise you: Serious Eats’ New Orleans jambalaya and Lou Dumont’s Passe-tout-Grains

While you may think any Bourgogne Rouge would work for this pairing, Passe-tout-Grains offers a unique flavor profile as it contains both Gamay and Pinot Noir. There’s something about the rich layers of flavor in the jambalaya that jibes beautifully with the powerful red fruit notes and touch of peppery spice in the Passe-tout-Grains.

What surprising food and wine combos do you love?

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