Monday, December 18, 2017

Domaine Jean Macle Listed in Wine Advocate's Best of 2017

Luis Gutierrez, writing for Wine Advocate, has listed his visit to Domaine Jean Macle amongst his best experiences of 2017. He writes: "Truth is that I don’t do that many verticals, and maybe I should do more… It wasn’t a large vertical, but the best I can remember in 2017 happened at Château Chalon, in the cellars of the Macle family."

Coming from a long line of barrel makers, the Macle family settled in Château Chalon in 1850 to grow wine. Initially they practiced mixed agriculture, but by the 1960’s were focused solely on wine. They cultivate 12 hectares, 8 planted to Chardonnay in the Côte de Jura and 4 planted to Savagnin in Château-Chalon. Laurent Macle is the 7th generation winemaker of Domaine Macle. He works closely with his father, Jean, to produce some of the top wines from the Jura. Breaking with long-standing tradition, Laurent has experimented with producing a non-oxidative (ouille) wine in very small proportions. According to Laurent, after sampling other examples of this style, he simply wanted to try his hand at it. What sets Macle apart from nearly all other Jura producers is their ability to give clear, diverse and unique flavors, with an undeniable mineral-driven elegance.

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