Thursday, February 22, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Pairing Wine with Middle Eastern Food

Middle Eastern food boasts a wide array of tastes and flavors, from smoky baba ghanoush to citrusy tabbouleh to gamey lamb köfte. Vibrant herbs and spices are laced throughout, yielding bold and complex dishes. Check out Spoon University’s list of 14 Foods Middle Easterners Can’t Live Without.

Photo: Gressingham Duck, Red Magazine

Considering these complex flavors – and the sheer volume of food present in a communal middle-eastern meal – one may find it difficult to decide on a wine to pair with all this delicious fare. We have the answer for you: Domaine du Terme’s Vacqueyras. This Grenache and Syrah blend from the Rhône Valley is like a super-charged Côtes du Rhône. Featuring dark fruits with the classic herbs and warm peppery spice of the southern Rhône, it not only easily stands up to a wide array of tastes and textures, it also nicely accents the herbs and spices that are so prevalent in Middle Eastern dishes.

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