Thursday, February 8, 2018

Recipe Thursday: A Woodsy Winter Tribute

February offers a wealth of food-focused occasions – Valentine’s Day, the Super Bowl, National Chocolate Lovers Month (who knew). It’s also the last full month of winter, and an opportunity to savor hearty, slow-cooked, umami rich meals before spring greets us with bright, verdant dishes of fresh produce. A classic winter dish to enjoy while still in hibernation mode is wild mushroom risotto, courtesy of Epicurious. Slow cooked risotto is met with woodsy mushrooms and creamy Parmesan.

Photo: Nigel Cox, Epicurious

The earthiness of the mushrooms in the dish make it a natural companion to a Mendocino Pinot Noir, such as Drew Family Winery Pinot Noir "Gatekeeper.” Dark stone fruits and dried floral notes, along with loamy forest understory, make this wine poetry in a bottle – perfect for cozying up with a big bowl of risotto.

What winter dishes will you miss the most?

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