Thursday, February 1, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Julia Child's Defining Dish

The dish that spurred Julia Child’s interest in fine French cooking, Sole Meunière’s beauty lies in its simplicity. Line-caught fresh fish is lightly dredged in flour, then pan-fried with butter, lemon and parsley. From the budding home cook to the modern chef, it’s a definitive dish to have in every cook’s repertoire. A great go-to recipe is Melissa Clark’s from The New York Times. She emphasizes the quality of the fillet since the fish is the center of the dish.

Photo: The New York Times

Sole Meunière is also an extremely versatile meal when it comes to wine pairings. Almost any white wine will do, but to really do the fish justice, a white Burgundy with a touch of oak is an excellent choice, such as Jean-Charles Fagot’s Saint-Romain. This gorgeous wine boasts citrus zest and pastry cream, perfectly complementing the lemon and butter in the Sole Meunière.

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