Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wine of the Week - 2 Lunes Crémant d'Alsace "Comète"

While most Alsatian wines are made from aromatic white grape varietals, more and more sparkling wine is being made in this region. Alsatian Crémants were first made by winemakers who studied in Champagne 40 years ago, which is why Crémant d'Alsace adheres to similar restrictions, ensuring a certain level of quality. The 2 Lunes Crémant d'Alsace "Comète" is light and ethereal, characterized by freshness, strong mineral tension and finishing very dry. In order to guarantee Crémants of only the highest quality, all riddling and racking is done in house.  

Vignobles des 2 Lunes is a 14-hectare Demeter-certified estate in the heart of the Alsatian wine country. Owned and operated by the Buecher family for seven generations, sisters Amelie and Cecile Buecher have brought their own unique vision to the Domaine, walking a fine line between a drive for modernization and respect for antiquity. Amelie and Cecile have focused on protecting the health and balance of their vines. In 1997 they stopped spraying with pesticides and in 2007 achieved biodynamic certification from Demeter. In the cellar, the vision of the Domaine is to preserve the work that has been done in the vineyard. The sisters have also introduced a line of Crémants in addition to the traditional still wines and continue their work of upholding the fine quality of the estate.


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