Thursday, March 8, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Rosé Time!

It’s hard to believe, but the sun-filled days of “rosé all day” are just around the corner. Rosé and its ubiquity has become synonymous with summer, barbeques and day-time drinking, but the pink wine can also hold its own at the most sophisticated of culinary affairs, anytime of year. Unlike red or white wine, rosé is often lumped into one flavor bucket, while in fact there are many different types of rosé, from dark and fruity to dry and sparkling. And therefore, just as you wouldn’t necessarily pair the same dish with a Sancerre as you would with a Riesling, rosés made up of different varietals can enhance foods in different ways. Over the next several weeks, we’ll take a look at a wide range of rosé options and suggest food pairings for each wine.

Photo: The Food Network

This week, we’ll start with a lovely Corbieres rosé from Ollieux Romanis. Made up of 65 percent Grenache Gris and 35 percent Cinsault, this Corbieres rosé is a pale pink color with red berry and pink grapefruit aromas. The delicate nose and citrus notes on this wine make it an excellent match with Ina Garten’s fresh Tuna Tartare. An easy and elegant appetizer for an equally easy-drinking and elegant wine.

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