Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wine of the Week - Lulu Poulsard

Poulsard is a large, thin-skinned and rather lightly colored red wine grape. Since it needs a longer fermentation on the skins, this wine tends to have the interesting combination of light body and flavors that are both delicate and strong at the same time. Ludwig Bindernagel's version is lean, lively, and complex, with tangy red fruit and a refreshing palate.

The Jura is a small, mountainous winegrowing region located between Burgundy and Switzerland in the far east of France. The region is fairly isolated and has retained a strong sense of tradition, marked by unique grapes and unusual wine styles. Ludwig Bindernagel and Nathalie Eigenschenck purchased their winery in 2000 and their first vintage came shortly after in 2002. Their motto of “the wine is made in the vineyard” is exemplified by the fact Ludwig works with the vines every day. The strict attention to detail and quality helps create very complex wines with depth and layers that reflect the individuality of Jura.

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