Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Potek Winery in Wine Advocate

William Kelley, newly writing for Wine Advocate, has reviewed the wines of Santa Barbara, including those of David Potter at Potek Winery. Looking at the 2015 vintage, which has been somewhat uneven, Potter's success despite adversity cements his place as a benchmark winery for the region.

Santa Barbara, located about two hours north of Los Angeles, is widely considered to be one of the most dynamic winemaking regions in California today, and David Potter is one of the new guard making a name for himself here. In the fall of 2015, wanting to create focused, single-vineyard wines, Potter opened Potek Winery, with a commitment to produce the best possible wines from Santa Barbara’s most exciting vineyards. The winery uses a minimalist approach to winemaking. With access to such unique and expressive vineyards, this is the best way to coax out the distinct facets of the individual wines. The wines are mainly aged in neutral oak and are treated as naturally as possible, with no fining of filtration before bottling. The resulting wines speak of their locations throughout Santa Barbara, and are a beautiful survey of the area.

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