Thursday, May 10, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Ancient Roman Feast

Did you know the ancient Romans ate and drank much like we do today? They snacked on cheese with nuts and dates, enjoyed omelettes with mushrooms for breakfast, indulged in roast pork for supper, and savored cheesecake and figs in custard for dessert. For a look at ancient Roman recipes you can recreate at home, check out Susanna Duffy’s blog on Delishably.

Photo: The History Notes

Similarly, you can sip on the same wines the Romans drank thousands of years ago. One ancient indigenous grape that you can still find today is Nosiola, thought to be the offspring of Raetica, the most widely planted grape across northern Italy in Roman times. A beautiful modern example is the Cesconi Nosiola, an aromatic dry white with notes of fresh pears and a hint of citrus. The unique nuttiness and soft acidity of the wine paired with ancient delicacies will transport you back thousands of years to an ancient Roman feast.

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