Thursday, June 7, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Oysters and Chablis

You’re in for a treat. This week we are going to savor one of the most classic and elegant pairings of all time – oysters and Chablis. While there are numerous wines that go well with certain types of oysters, only Chablis has the ability to pair well with all of them. It’s no wonder: The very soil in which Chablis attaches its roots is comprised of the fossilized shells of ancient oysters.

Photo: The Drinks Business

You may order oysters all the time when dining out, but have you tried serving them at home? It can seem intimidating at first, but blogger Julie Qiu from In a Half Shell has some great tips for buying, shucking and serving oysters at home. To really up level your oyster experience, pair them with a bottle of Samuel Billaud Chablis "Les Clos" Grand Cru. With fresh acidity and a precise salinity, this full bodied, sophisticated white wine is a match made in heaven with the classic salinity of the oysters.

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