Thursday, June 21, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Good Ol' Texas Barbeque

Summer is officially here, so what better way to soak in the extra sunlight than to gather outside with friends and fire up the grill for a good ol’ BBQ? A proper BBQ takes time and dedication, but thankfully there’s rosé and good conversation to pass the time. This Texas-Style Barbecued Brisket recipe from Epicurious is one you’ll want to start early – between curing the meat and cook-time, it’s at least ten hours all in. The pay-off is a smoky, fork-tender cut of meat ready to be slathered in BBQ sauce.

As the sun starts to go down and you’ve piled BBQ brisket high onto guests’ plates, it’s time to switch from rosé to something bigger and beefier, like the Tenuta Scuotto Taurasi. Made up of 100 percent Aglianico grapes grown in southern Italy, this full-bodied red begs for rich meat with high fat content like brisket, and also does wonderfully alongside Barbecue sauce.

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