Monday, July 23, 2018

John Gilman Discovers Max Ferd. Richter

John Gilman, author of View From the Cellar, has included Max Ferd. Richter for the first time in his publication. He says of the estate:
"Weingut Max Ferdinand Richter was an estate that I really knew next to nothing about prior to this trip in May, as I had tasted a wine of theirs here or there over the last decade or so, but really had never planned to visit the property and had no real sense of where in the firmament of Middle Mosel stars they might fall. However, during one of the early press tastings associated with Mythos Mosel, David Rayer, Jean Fisch and I were chatting and Jean mentioned this estate and said that he felt I would really like the style of the wines here these days."

In a few tastings, Gilman found much to like, wrapping up his comments thusly:
"Weingut Max Ferdinand Richter is a superb producer of classically filigreed, terroir-driven middle Mosel Rieslings (which I should have known about before) and I can recommend them very highly. From what I have seen of their pricing, they offer up exceptional value! Based on the lovely range I have now tasted of their 20172, 2016s and 2015s, this is an estate that will definitely be on my regularly-scheduled winery visits in future spring tours of the Middle Mosel."

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