Tuesday, July 3, 2018

#Repost @winelifeisafinelife with @get_repost ・・・ Driven by #pinotnoir with 30% Poulsard and 10% Trousseau this Côtes du Jura AOC is from #luluvigneron. Formerly known as “Les Chais du Vieux Bourg”, it is a long established Jura wine farm founded by Ludwig Binfernagel (known by his friends as Lulu). . . Le Rouge a Lulu is a blend of their vineyard sites with vines ranging in age from 25-55 years. Tying into their belief in biodynamics and #terroir they use a hands off approach to fermentation. A long, cool, untouched fermentation can take months, even years in some vintages. . . Elegant, complex, delicate, savory and full of energy. If you like Pinot noir or wine from other thin skin grapes, try something from #jura next time you have the opportunity. #winelifeisafinelife #jurawine #alwayslearning #mediumplus #getsomm #opulentlyuncouth . Shout out to @shiverick_wines and @sommselect for finding this bottle and providing great information on this small producer. #techsheetsarecool

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