Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wine of the Week - Le Roc Rosé "la Saignée"

This week's featured rosé is from Domaine Le Roc in the South-West of France. This beautiful rosé is made up of 70% Négrette, 20% Syrah, and 10% Cabernet Franc. What makes this wine unique is that it is a Saignée rosé, which means “to bleed". This method of rosé winemaking involves “bleeding” off some of the red wine juice after it’s had skin and seed contact, increasing the concentration of the rosé. Rosés made using this method are often bolder and darker in color when compared to other rosé wine; making it an ideal choice for red wine lovers or to pair with bolder, richer, and meatier dishes. Try the Le Roc rosé with hearty tomato stews, salmon, and even curries.  

Since the Middle Ages, Fronton, just north of Toulouse, has been the home of the Negrette grape variety, which is nearly exclusive to the area. The region encompasses 2,300 hectares of vines dominated by dry heat and rocky soils and the landscape is marked by hills and valleys, ranging from 300 to 600 ft above sea level. It is here that, since 1974, the Ribes family has been dedicated to producing wines with personality and character at Domaine Le Roc. Their insistence on strictly controlled yields, while being careful not to over-extract the fruit, and high vine density planting produces wines that release a wonderful perfume. They produce wine in a traditional, almost old- fashioned way that raises the bar for Fronton wines and deserves recognition.


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