Thursday, September 27, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Risotto - The Signature Dish of Lombardy

A specialty of the Lombardy region of Italy, reflecting the amount of rice that is grown there, risotto is central to  the Lombardian diet. Though it's got a reputation as difficult, temperamental dish, it's actually not that difficult to make. Once you've got the technique down, it has the added bonus of being endlessly adaptable and a great way to use up whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand. This recipe from Italian Food Forever not only gets you started with the basics - it also gives you a number of variations. You could have risotto every day of the week!

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What to pair with risotto? Why not try a wine that's from the Lombardy region? An excellent foil to richer food, the Martilde Bonarda dell’Oltrep√≤ Pavese is made from a local grape called Croatina. Dark in color, with expressive fruit, low acidity and medium tannin, this is the perfect wine to pair with your risotto. Buon appetito!

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