Thursday, November 8, 2018

Antonella Corda Awarded Tre Bicchieri

Congratulations to Antonella Corda for being named an Emerging Winery and receiving the Tre Bicchieri for their Cannonau di Sardegna! This is exciting news for this young winery and we are pleased to see the work of the team being rewarded. Check out their page as well for new reviews from James Suckling.

The story of Antonella Corda winery is deeply connected to that of its eponymous founder. She grew up among the vineyards in a family of winegrowers that stretches back over generations. Her mother gave her a love for the land and her father instilled in her a passion for the work of vinification. Antonella became an agronomist, graduating in Agricultural Sciences and Technology at the University of Sassari and founded her own winery in 2010. She took the reins in hand, transforming it into an ambitious and innovative project that honors its past. She has created a boutique winery capable of producing excellent Sardinian wines worthy of representing the region worldwide. A 40-hectare farm with 15 hectares of vineyard, 12 of olive trees, and the rest left open for crop rotation. Antonella Corda believes sustainable cultivation to be the best way for people to coexist with nature, so it can be passed down to the next generation intact. All of this means that organic fertilizers, integrated pest control actions, and sustainable irrigation systems are utilized in the vineyards.

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