Sunday, January 20, 2019

J.L. Chave in Decanter Magazine

Writing for Decanter Magazine, Matt Walls has published reviews of the 2017 vintage Rhône wines, including a selection from Jean-Jouis Chave. The Hermitage Rouge, Blanc and Saint-Joseph Rouge all received very impressive scores, topping out at 98 points.

The Chave family is based in a small village on the northern right bank of the Rhone. There have been Chaves growing vines on the famous Hermitage hill since 1481. Gerard Chave took over from his father in 1970 and rapidly achieved megastar status due to the extraordinary quality of his wines and has since passed on the winemaking responsibilities to his son Jean-Louis. The Chave’s methods for all their winemaking are traditional farming, super low yields, full ripeness, and minimal manipulation. Their unmatched meticulousness continues through five centuries to render venerable expressions of the purest of Rhône terroir.

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