Thursday, January 10, 2019

Recipe Thursday: A Creative Riff on a Classic

By now you may be tired of mashed potatoes, as it’s one of those dishes that always graces the table during the Holidays. It’s an easy, simple dish that has the ability to pair, or mix neutrally, with almost anything on your plate. Perhaps you still crave the comfort it brings, especially with the Holidays behind us. Enter a creative riff on the classic: Celery Root Puree with Truffle and Leek, courtesy of the Forest and Fauna blog. Unlike the plain variety, this elevated side dish is sure to take center stage at any meal, anytime of year.

Photo: Forest and Fauna

It also pairs remarkably well with an equally elevated wine, Lulu Vigneron's Savagnin. This fuller-bodied white from the Jura is no lightweight paired with the rich, truffle-infused celery root puree. The salinity of the wine also brings into the balance the muskiness of the truffle in the puree – a match made in heaven.

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