Thursday, January 24, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Indulgent Trio

Italy as a whole is the undisputed Land of Pasta, but when we zoom in to the northwestern corner of the country – Piedmont – we find a magical land that is also famous for its wine and white truffles. From a culinary standpoint, could there be anything better than a feast of pasta, truffles and wine? This week we’re offering an indigenous pairing of this delightful trio – Tajarin al Tartufo served with Montaribaldi’s Barbera d'Alba "Dü Gir.

Photo: Eataly

Tajarin is a richly decadent pasta made up of an extremely high ratio of eggs. In Eataly’s version of the recipe, the homemade pasta is tossed in a luxurious butter sauce and then topped with thinly shaved white truffles of Alba. What makes this a brilliant pairing with Montaribaldi’s relatively light and tart Barbera is that the bright acidity in the wine cuts right through the richness of the pasta.

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