Thursday, February 28, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Back Pocket No-Fuss Meal

Whether you’re a certified master chef or a self-taught kitchen dabbler, having a simple, tasty recipe in your back pocket is key for those times when you’re surrounded by your nearest and dearest, and you’d rather be engaging in conversation versus shutting yourself away in the kitchen with intense focus on a complicated recipe. One such dish we love for these no-fuss special occasions is seared scallops with a silky sauce, such as Portuguese Scallops from Adore Foods.

Photo: Adore Foods

The wine, of course, should fit the mood of this easy, breezy meal full of fresh and lively flavors. We suggest the Casa Santos Lima 'Monte das Promessas' Branco for its easy-to-drink, refreshing  qualities – a generous touch of citrus balanced with honey notes and minerality. This white Portuguese wine effortlessly complements the reduction sauce of fresh lemon juice, garlic, herbs and wine. Quite simply, this is an impressive meal that can be put together in under 20 minutes so you can enjoy the company of your guests.

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