Thursday, February 7, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Negrette and Cassoulet

This week we’re indulging in a rustic pairing that you could have just as easily come across in the Middle Ages as you would today: Negrette and cassoulet. Legend has it that vines from the red varietal, Negrette, were brought from Cyprus to the Côtes du Frontonnais by the Knights Templar. This region in southwest France is also the home of cassoulet, a delicious warming stew of white beans and duck confit. Of course, the two go remarkably well together, as do most pairings that reflect the culture and traditions of its home.

Photo: Serious Eats

To transport ourselves back in time, we turn to Domaine Le Roc Fronton "Folle Noire d'Ambat," a naturally-crafted Negrette filled with vivid black fruit flavor. Pair this unique, intensely perfumed wine with a rich, authentic cassoulet, such as the Traditional French Cassoulet from Serious Eats, and you have yourself a feast fit for the Knights Templar.

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