Thursday, March 28, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Classic Sardinian Pairing

We’ve said it many times here on Recipe Thursday: Some of the best pairings are those in which the food and wine come from the same origin. There’s nothing like a bottle of wine made from local, indigenous grapes paired with a culinary regional specialty. This week we’re featuring a classic pairing from Sardinia: Malloreddus alla Campidanese (Gourmet Traveller) and Antonella Corda Cannonau di Sardgena.

Photo: Chris Chen / Gourmet Traveller

Malloreddus alla Campidanese is a traditional Sardinian pasta recipe made with sausage, tomato and saffron sauce. With a dish as rich and as intense in flavor as Malloreddus alla Campidanese, you’ll want a Sardinian wine with some body and dark fruit. Look no further than Cannonau, a delicious, bold red wine native to Sardinia. It matches perfectly with the deep flavors of the sauce and the sausage in the pasta.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Wine of the Week - Antonella Corda Cannonau

This week we're featuring one of our Italian reds - that just so happens to have gotten some excellent press recently. The Antonella Corda Cannonau di Sardgena was just awarded a Tre Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso, the highest honor they bestow. Additionally, James Suckling awarded the 2016 vintage 92 points, saying: "A beautiful cannonau with dark berries, plums and spice and bark undertones on both the nose and palate. Full to medium body. Tar, asphalt and licorice flavors. Iron, too."

The story of Antonella Corda winery is deeply connected to that of its eponymous founder. She grew up among the vineyards in a family of winegrowers that stretches back over generations. Her mother gave her a love for the land and her father instilled in her a passion for the work of vinification. Antonella became an agronomist, graduating in Agricultural Sciences and Technology at the University of Sassari and founded her own winery in 2010. She took the reins in hand, transforming it into an ambitious and innovative project that honors its past. She has created a boutique winery capable of producing excellent Sardinian wines worthy of representing the region worldwide. A 40-hectare farm with 15 hectares of vineyard, 12 of olive trees, and the rest left open for crop rotation. Antonella Corda believes sustainable cultivation to be the best way for people to coexist with nature, so it can be passed down to the next generation intact. All of this means that organic fertilizers, integrated pest control actions, and sustainable irrigation systems are utilized in the vineyards.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Recipe Thursday: A Taste of Spring

Spring hath arrived! Outside, the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the days are longer. In the kitchen, we start to see a shift from starchy winter vegetables to light, fresh greens. For us, there is no better combination to reflect the transition to spring than goat cheese and Sancerre. A great way to ease into this combo, when you’re not quite ready for a cooling salad, is a hearty pasta featuring goat cheese and a spring vegetable staple: Asparagus.  Check out this Pasta with Goat Cheese, Lemon, and Asparagus recipe from Bon Appetit.

Photo: Bon Appetit

Sancerre, such as our Wine of the Week Chaumeau Maison d'Anais, is most often chosen to accompany goat cheese because the wine’s zippy acidity matches the acidity in the cheese. Further, as Sancerre has notes of citrus and tangy herbs, it is a harmonious pairing with our velvety goat cheese, lemon and asparagus pasta. There are not many wines out there that pair well with asparagus, but this is one of them!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Wine of the Week - Chaumeau Maison d'Anais Sancerre Blanc

Today's featured wine is the Sancerre Blanc from Chaumeau Maison d'Anais. Just in time for spring, this is a classic Sancerre from Bué with bright grapefruit, grassy, and gooseberry notes. Stony and flinty, this wine celebrates the limestone soils of this area, giving a clear sense of the terroir.

Owner and producer Madame Chaumeau oversees Chaumeau Maison d’Anais from the center of Bué in the heart of Sancerre. A multigenerational Domaine, Chaumeau inherited the property from her family, which extends along the rolling hills of the Bué with vineyards scattered amongst different faces of these hills. The Domaine can attribute a large portion of its success to the Kimmeridian ridge, a geological feature of limestone and clay soils that contribute to the body and mineral-driven flavor profile of their wines and allow the Domaine to produce a clean, intense, and flavorful product. Thanks to its stringent standards of quality, Chaumeau Maison d’Anais is now recognized as one of the best producers in the region.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Global Inspiration

Over many centuries, the globalization of food has opened up a whole new world of cuisine. You are almost guaranteed to find your favorite dish from home in most countries you travel to, oftentimes with an interesting twist. Think about the American turnover vs. the Mexican empanada vs. the Indian samosa – same idea, different spin. The beauty lies in the evolution of a dish over time as it picks up different influences and interpretations on a global scale.

Photo: Soulfully Made

This week’s food and wine pairing is inspired by a global fusion of flavors – a kicked up goulash with a velvety red blend, Cesconi ‘Moratel.’ The goulash recipe from Soulfully Made incorporates influences from the U.S., Hungary and Italy, and Cesconi’s Moratel is a blend of both indigenous and international varietals. Paired together, the generous tannins in the wine soften with the richness of the meat, and the aromatic black fruit emerges more clearly.     

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

ProWein 2019

It's almost time for the 2019 ProWein International Trade Fair! Being held in Dusseldorf, Germany March 17-19, several wineries that are in the Shiverick portfolio will be in attendance. If you're at ProWein, download this handy key to who and where our producers are:

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Wine of the Week - Cesconi "Moratel"

This week's featured wine is a unique red blend from the north of Italy. Made from organically grown grapes, the Cesconi "Moratel" is a blend of the indigenous varieties of Lagrein and Teroldgeo, paired with international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The result is a velvety and perfumed wine with notes of red and black berries that are complemented by generous, soft tannins. This is a fantastic example of red from the Alpine region of Trentino and is ready to open and drink!

Perched high above Trento on banks of the Adige River is the hill of Pressano. In these rugged Alpine surroundings, the Cesconi family tends their vineyards planted to both red and white grapes. The current proprietors can trace their family roots back to the 17th century, and building on more than two centuries of cultivating and producing wine in Trentino, the four Cesconi brothers - Lorenzo, Roberto, Alexander and Franco - as well as their father Paul, continue the family tradition. The family has a deep appreciation and respect for the achievements of their ancestors, however, they seek to build on this history by perfecting the traditional practices of the Domaine. To that end, the brothers work entirely organically in the vineyards and continue to move towards biodynamic methods. It’s hard not to admire the humble ambitions of these soft spoken farmers to make what Lorenzo refers to as “tasty wine” - if only more wines were produced with such a concise vision.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Winter Taco Party!

Are you over the dreary weather and ready for some sunshine? An indoor festive taco party is a great way to ease the winter blues amidst the chilly temperatures outside. Turn up the heat in the kitchen, decorate with a fun piñata and you’ll almost believe it’s summer. We love a taco party with homemade tortillas and a flavorful filling such as Carne Asada. This taco recipe from Downshiftology features marinated flank steak and a hefty side of all the best toppings – avocado, onion, cotija cheese, cilantro and lime.

Photo: Lisa Bryan / Downshiftology

If you’re not in the margarita mood, the perfect wine for this meal is a bottle of Château Lacapelle Cabenac Cahors "Prestige." The dark fruit and rustic spice on this Malbec work amazingly well with the spicy char of the carne asada. Plus, since Malbec has softer tannins compared to some of its red counterparts, it goes well with lean cuts of meat like the juicy flank steak in the tacos.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wine of the Week - Lacapelle Cabenac Cahors "Prestige"

Malbec is a grape that's often considered synonymous with Argentina, but its native home is actually in the Southwestern corner of France. Here you'll find the small appellation of Cahors, which specializes in the Malbec variety. The wines made here tend to be powerful, rustic, and rich - offering a slice of terroir that isn't as well known to wine drinkers in the United States. The Cahors "Prestige," made by Château Lacapelle Cabenac is an organically grown and produced bottling that shows the best this region has to offer. With a throughline of dark fruits and spice, augmented by the structure given from its oak aging, this is a perfect red for the cellar, or to decant for a hearty meal.

Lacapelle Cabanac is the culmination of a dream belonging to Thierry Simon & Philippe Verax, who moved from Paris to Cahors in order to make wine in an ancient winery. Their first goal was modernization of the winemaking equipment and vinification/viticulture methodology. Renovated chais, cuves, and the complete conversion to certified organic agriculture began shortly after they purchased the property in 2001. Malbec, the mainstay grape of Cahors, is little-used in France outside of the Lot Valley, which confers its typicity: darkly colored berries that make dense, powerfully tannic wines of great ageability.