Thursday, March 14, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Global Inspiration

Over many centuries, the globalization of food has opened up a whole new world of cuisine. You are almost guaranteed to find your favorite dish from home in most countries you travel to, oftentimes with an interesting twist. Think about the American turnover vs. the Mexican empanada vs. the Indian samosa – same idea, different spin. The beauty lies in the evolution of a dish over time as it picks up different influences and interpretations on a global scale.

Photo: Soulfully Made

This week’s food and wine pairing is inspired by a global fusion of flavors – a kicked up goulash with a velvety red blend, Cesconi ‘Moratel.’ The goulash recipe from Soulfully Made incorporates influences from the U.S., Hungary and Italy, and Cesconi’s Moratel is a blend of both indigenous and international varietals. Paired together, the generous tannins in the wine soften with the richness of the meat, and the aromatic black fruit emerges more clearly.     

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