Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Wine of the Week - Cesconi "Moratel"

This week's featured wine is a unique red blend from the north of Italy. Made from organically grown grapes, the Cesconi "Moratel" is a blend of the indigenous varieties of Lagrein and Teroldgeo, paired with international Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The result is a velvety and perfumed wine with notes of red and black berries that are complemented by generous, soft tannins. This is a fantastic example of red from the Alpine region of Trentino and is ready to open and drink!

Perched high above Trento on banks of the Adige River is the hill of Pressano. In these rugged Alpine surroundings, the Cesconi family tends their vineyards planted to both red and white grapes. The current proprietors can trace their family roots back to the 17th century, and building on more than two centuries of cultivating and producing wine in Trentino, the four Cesconi brothers - Lorenzo, Roberto, Alexander and Franco - as well as their father Paul, continue the family tradition. The family has a deep appreciation and respect for the achievements of their ancestors, however, they seek to build on this history by perfecting the traditional practices of the Domaine. To that end, the brothers work entirely organically in the vineyards and continue to move towards biodynamic methods. It’s hard not to admire the humble ambitions of these soft spoken farmers to make what Lorenzo refers to as “tasty wine” - if only more wines were produced with such a concise vision.

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