Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wine of the Week - Lacapelle Cabenac Cahors "Prestige"

Malbec is a grape that's often considered synonymous with Argentina, but its native home is actually in the Southwestern corner of France. Here you'll find the small appellation of Cahors, which specializes in the Malbec variety. The wines made here tend to be powerful, rustic, and rich - offering a slice of terroir that isn't as well known to wine drinkers in the United States. The Cahors "Prestige," made by Ch√Ęteau Lacapelle Cabenac is an organically grown and produced bottling that shows the best this region has to offer. With a throughline of dark fruits and spice, augmented by the structure given from its oak aging, this is a perfect red for the cellar, or to decant for a hearty meal.

Lacapelle Cabanac is the culmination of a dream belonging to Thierry Simon & Philippe Verax, who moved from Paris to Cahors in order to make wine in an ancient winery. Their first goal was modernization of the winemaking equipment and vinification/viticulture methodology. Renovated chais, cuves, and the complete conversion to certified organic agriculture began shortly after they purchased the property in 2001. Malbec, the mainstay grape of Cahors, is little-used in France outside of the Lot Valley, which confers its typicity: darkly colored berries that make dense, powerfully tannic wines of great ageability.

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