Thursday, April 4, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Nebbiolo and Chinese Five-Spice Duck

In last week’s Recipe Thursday, we talked about how some of the best food and wine pairings are those hailing from a single origin. However, you may be also surprised to find some delicious pairings coming from two very different geographies. This week, we’re highlighting a pairing that involves a wine from Italy and a dish from China.

Photo: Fine Cooking

Classical Nebbiolo, such as Montaribaldi’s Barbaresco "Sorì", is not what you would typically think to pair with Fine Cooking’s Chinese Five-Spice-Crusted Duck Breasts, but it actually makes a very intriguing combo. The Chinese Five-Spice rub on the duck echoes similar spice notes in the wine. In addition, the acidity in the wine cuts right through the fat and richness of the duck.

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