Thursday, April 11, 2019

Recipe Thursday: Springtime Brunch

If ever there’s a “season” for brunch, it’s spring. With special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Passover and graduation, there’s no shortage of festivities and holidays to celebrate in good company with a delicious mid-morning meal. This is the time to highlight spring’s bounty of fresh, verdant vegetables. We love the variety of the spring brunch recipe ideas over at The Spruce Eats – from Classic Eggs Benedict to Orange Buttermilk Pancakes to Spring Leek Frittata.  

Photo: The Spruce Eats / Images

Of course, with any celebration there needs to be wine, so what’s a good option for springtime brunch fare? With a description like “aromas of lemon oil, grapefruit pith and oatmeal” from Wine Advocate’s William Kelley, the Jean-Charles Fagot Bourgogne Blanc "Les Champs l'Huillier" is an excellent choice. It sounds like brunch in a glass! Pair it with Orange Buttermilk Pancakes to bring out the citrus notes in the wine, or it would go equally well with the Classic Eggs Benedict – the tangy notes in the wine will make the flavors pop in the Benedict.  

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