Friday, June 14, 2019

Domaine Jean Fournier in Burgundy Report

Domaine Jean Fournier received a full writeup of their 2017 vintage in Burgundy Report. An easier vintage than 2016, these wines are showing well and gained high praise from author Bill Nanson:
"I used to consider Laurent’s wines to be the equal of those from Sylvain Pataille but styled with more emphasis on structure. That’s probably still the case today, but the structure here is less overt than I remember. A super range of 2017s, well-concentrated with a number of star wines that are worth searching for."

Marsannay, the Côte de Nuit’s northernmost winegrowing region, was overlooked when the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (INAO) originally delimited AOCs in the 1930s. The region finally received its appellation in 1987, giving the recognition the growers felt their rocky limestone and marl terroirs deserved. Marsannay is unique in Burgundy for having AOC status for red, white, and rosé wines. Domaine Jean Fournier dates back to the reign of Louis 13th in the early 17th century, making it one of the oldest properties in Marsannay. Today the Domaine’s 16 hectares are helmed by the dynamic young Laurent Fournier, son of Jean, who crafts wines with integrity in a non-interventionist style. He has converted the vineyards to organic agriculture and has been Ecocert certified since 2008.

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