Thursday, January 30, 2020

Recipe Thursday: Quintessential Winter Pairing

We’ll drink any quality wine any time of year, regardless of varietal, but why is it that a crisp Sancerre tastes so wonderful in the summer and a full-bodied Barolo begs for our attention in the winter? Well, the food certainly contributes -- freshly shucked oysters, enjoyed poolside, is the perfect companion for Sancerre. Meanwhile, a cold winter evening spent fireside calls for both a heartier dish, such as Epicurious’ Wild Mushroom Risotto, and a more robust wine, such as Virnas Barolo Sarmassa

Photo Credit: Epicurious / Nigel Cox

The high fat content of the butter and cheese in the risotto helps to soften the tannins in the Barolo, while the earthy truffle-like characteristics of the wine marry beautifully with the wild mushrooms in the dish. We have no problem spending chilly evenings with this gorgeous pairing.

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