Thursday, February 13, 2020

Recipe Thursday: Quarts de Chaume and Fresh Pear-Ginger Tart

Photo Credit: Food52 / MARGAUXBAKES
“Creamed yellow apple, pear and mango notes, underscored by warm pie-crust and ginger accents.” Sounds like a delicious pie, doesn’t it? It’s actually the tasting notes for a Quarts de Chaume, a highly respected, tauntingly sweet white wine. This week we’re highlighting the Chateau l’Echarderie Quarts de Chaume, which unsurprisingly pairs exceptionally well with a perfectly prepared fruit tart of the same flavor notes described above.

Tarts take some patience to prepare, but it’s well-worth the effort when a Quarts de Chaume pairing awaits it. One of our favorites is Food52’s Fresh Ginger-Pear Tart, complete with homemade crust and warmly spiced baked pears. The sweetness of the Quarts de Chaume does not overwhelm the tart, as the buttery pie crust helps to round things out a bit. A beautiful pairing, indeed.

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