Thursday, February 6, 2020

Recipe Thursday: Sushi and Pinot Noir

Photo Credit: Tasty / Kiano Moju
In lieu of the classic rice wine (sake) with sushi, let’s talk sushi-friendly grape wine, shall we? After you’ve taken a few pointers from Tasty on how to make the perfect homemade maki roll -- complete with sushi rice, nori, fresh ginger and your choice of fillings -- it’s time to think about wine pairings.

For red wine die-hards, look no further than the Domaine Paul Thomas Sancerre Rouge. This wine carries just the right amount of delicacy and acidity as to not overpower the sushi. Most sushi fillings will work, although maki rolls made with cream cheese (I.e., Philadelphia roll) work especially well to balance out the tannins in the wine.

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