Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wine of the Week - Chateau l’Echarderie Quarts de Chaume

Sweets for the sweet with our featured wine this week. Our Wine of the Week is the Chateau l’Echarderie Quarts de Chaume. Just in time for Valentine's day, this dessert wine is rich, unctuous and perfect for after dinner. A favored enclave within the sweet wine appellation of Coteaux du Layon (more specifically within the commune of Chaume), Quarts de Chaume maintains strict legal regulations for its wines of Pineau de la Loire (Chenin Blanc). Grapes must be passerillé, or affected by noble rot. If the must has a minimum sugar content of 323 g/l and no chaptalization is used, only 11% alcohol is required.

Devoted entirely to the production of sweet wine, Quarts de Chaume sits on approximately 43 hectares of land, 19 of which have been owned by André Laffourcade since 1958. In 1970, his son Pascal succeeded him and assumed the winemaking duties at their Quarts de Chaume estate, Château de l’Echarderie. Château de l’Echarderie sits on 10 hectares of brown schist and sandstone soils. Slopes face south/southeast (toward the morning mist of the Layon) to ensure the best conditions for growth of Botrytis Cinerea.

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