Thursday, February 27, 2020

Wine of the Week - Jean Fournier Bourgogne Rouge

Located on the Northern end of the Côte d-'Or, Marsannay provides lively, robust Pinot Noirs that celebrate the region's rustic nature. Domaine Jean Fournier's Bourgogne Rouge, though not named Marsannay, comes from younger vines throughout the region, including such well-regarded vineyards such as Champ Forey and Les Longeroies. It's an excellent way to experience Marsannay at Bourgogne prices!

Domaine Jean Fournier dates back to the reign of Louis 13th in the early 17th century, making it one of the oldest properties in Marsannay. Today the Domaine’s 16 hectares are helmed by the dynamic young Laurent Fournier, son of Jean, who crafts wines with integrity in a non-interventionist style. He has converted the vineyards to organic agriculture and has been Ecocert certified since 2008. Old vines can be found throughout the Domaine, contributing to the immense purity and finesse Fournier’s wines are known for.

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