Thursday, July 9, 2020

Max Ferd. Richter in Mosel Fine Wines

Time flies! It's already time for the reviews for the 2019 vintage out of the Mosel and Mosel Fine Wines provides its usual in-depth insights. Max Ferd. Richter had a great set of press, with some exciting new releases in the forefront, including a Pinot Noir! We've rounded up all the reviews of the vintage and there's much to like. Prost to Dirk & Constantin!

The estate of Max Ferd. Richter has been passed down from father to son for the past 300 years. The current reins are held by Dr. Dirk Richter, the 9th generation, and will eventually be passed down to his son Constantin. The estate produces world-class Rieslings from some of the most esteemed vineyards in the Mosel, and all production comes from estate holdings. Through the entire line of wines, their hallmark balance is evident in every glass. Throughout the estate, only all-natural fertilizers, sustainable farming, and hand-harvesting are employed. Vineyards are treated as needed so in some vintages some vineyards are entirely ecological. They use pomace, compost and stall manure as fertilizers. Application is in late winter and early spring. Overall, they are trying to minimize waste, water and energy consumption.

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