Thursday, October 4, 2018

Recipe Thursday: Classic Sardinian Pairing

We talk a lot about sense of place, or terroir, in wine. There’s nothing quite like tasting a wine that has the ability to transport you exactly to the location where the wine was made, almost as if you’re standing amongst the vines. The same goes with food – perhaps eating a certain dish reminds you of a recent trip to the place the dish came from. We take things a step further when we pair wine and food originating from the same town, village or city — a surreal moment of time and place is captured regardless if we’re sitting in our kitchen or at a restaurant thousands of miles away.

Photo: Emiko, Food52

That’s where we draw inspiration for this week’s wine and food pairing – a traditional Sardinian Clam Stew with Fregola (Food52) paired with a Sardinian Vermentino. Fregola is a rustic pasta popularly served in seafood stews in Sardinia, perfect for chillier evenings. Crisp, dry Vermentino, such as Antonella Corda's Vermentino, is primarily vinified in Sardinia, which is encircled by the Mediterranean Sea where the seafood is caught for the Clam Stew. The aromatic notes and salinity of the wine perfectly match the briny broth and Sardinian flavors of the stew.

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